Maxwell Gualtieri

"Maxwell Gualtieri has his own vision and adds to the possibilities in differing ways."

-Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog

Los Angeles-based guitarist/composer/improviser Maxwell Gualtieri is a mainstay in the local creative music scene, regularly performing his own original music and the music of others. He is involved with notable bands and ensembles that include Sophocles, Brother Sister, Stupid Man Suit, Anne Hall, The Matty Harris Double Septet and Saturn’s Rival, among others. His work includes a variety of multidisciplinary projects, from composing and performing music for film and dance, as well as his experimental audio/visual work that includes his ensemble Ladies and Gentlemen. In addition to his creative work, Maxwell is the Co Director the pfMENTUM record label and is studio director of the Rhodes School of Music. His latest release is a solo album of improvised music for electric guitar on the pfMENTUM label titled, For Los Angeles. calls the recording "a mix of Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed and Ritchie Blackmore at the LA Coliseum" and a "Soundtrack to a Jackson Pollock painting"


  • 07/21/17 w/ BROTHER SISTER @ El Cid in Los Angeles, CA (9:30)
  • 08/02/17 w/ ANNE HALL @ Frog and Peach in San Luis Obispo, CA
  • 08/06/17 w/ ANNE HALL @ Winter's Tavern in Pacifica, CA
  • 08/09/17 w/ ANNE ALL @ Torch Club in Sacramento, CA
  • Many projects in the works...check back soon!


  • 01/30/17 w/ MATTY HARRIS DOUBLE SEPTET LP+CD Minneapolis release concert @ ICEHOUSE, Minneapolis, MN
  • 01/10/17 w/ Brother, Sister at HOTEL CAFE in Los Angeles, CA
  • 12/12/16 w/ Tanya Edwards @ Complete Actors Place in Sherman Oaks, CA
  • 12/02/17 w/ Brother Sister @ RESIDENT, Los Angeles, CA
  • 09/25/17 standards w/ Marissa Terranova and Emilio Terranova at Ladyface Ale House in Agora Hills, CA
  • 09/17/16 w/ Blue Latitude @ the 15th Annual Boccali's Tomato Festival in Ojai, CA
  • 08/28/16 w/ Brother, Sister @ Melrose Trading Post, Los Angeles, CA
  • 08/27/16 w/ MATTY HARRIS DOUBLE SEPTET LP+CD release concert @ ArtShare LA in Los angeles, CA
  • 08/19/16 Maxwell Gualtieri (feat. Andrew Conrad, Cooper Wolken and Rusty Kennedy) @ These Days Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  • 08/13/16 w/ Anne Hall @ Soho in Santa Barbara, CA
  • 08/10/16 w/ Anne Hall @ Squashed Grapes in Ventura, CA
  • 070/5/16 w/ Brother, Sister @ the Bootleg Theater, CA
  • 06/17/16 @ Social Study in Highland Park, CA w/Steven Van Betten & Caitlyn Conlin
  • 06/05/16 w/ Slick Willis & the Goo @ Art Share LA, CA
  • 05/06/16 @ Social Study in Highland Park, CA w/Steven Van Betten & Caitlyn Conlin
  • 04/23/16 Anne Hall @ the Ventura Eco Fest in Ventura, CA
  • 02/18/16 Slick Willis & the Goo (Joe Santa Maria, Andrew Lessman, Toshi Sato, Maxwell Gualtieri) w/ Nathaniel Morgan Quartet @ Curve Line Space, Los Angeles, CA
  • 01/29/16 trio w/ Scott Cazan and Corey Fogel @ 1604 N ave 56 Los Angeles, CA
  • 01/09/16 duo w/ Scott Cazan @ the Emerald House, Los Angeles, CA
  • 07/03/15 trio w/ Vinny Golia & Corey Fogel. Also performing - BAD LUCK (Seattle) @ MorYork Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  • 06/07/15 trio w/ Daniel Eaton and Matthew Dotson, Jam at the Barn Festival, Blue Diamond, Nevada
  • 05/30/15 solo @ The Green House, Los Angeles, CA
  • 05/24/15 solo @ 1604 N ave 56 Los Angeles, CA
  • 05/20/15 duo w/ Daniel Eaton on Earmeal Webcast (
  • 04/16/15 @ The Trunk Space, Phoenix, AZ
  • 04/15/15 solo @ Solar Culture Gallery, Tucson, AZ
  • 04/14/15 solo @ the Treehouse, San Diego, CA
  • 04/13/15 solo @ Innocnts Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  • 04/10/15 solo @ Gallery 1412, Seattle, WA
  • 04/09/15 solo @ The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  • 04/06/15 solo @ Luna's Cafe, Sacramento, CA
  • 3/15/15 w/ Filthy Assistants(Lockwood/Gualtieri duo) AND Michael Mull Octet @ Sassafras Saloon, Hollywood, CA
  • 03/14/15 duo w/ Georgia Bell @ Pieter Space, Los Angeles, CA
  • 01/30/15 w/ Michael Mull Octet @ Curve Line Space, Los Angeles, CA
  • 01/18/15 w/ Matty Harris Double Septet AND Stupid Man Suit @ Pieter Space, Los Angeles, CA


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